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PURE GAS SERVICES is pleased to be working with Exhausto, the Market leader in it's field. We are CERTIFIED INSTALLERS, carrying out Installation, Commissioning and Service work on solid fuel and domestic gas installations


So if you have a chimney that no longer fuctions, or no chimney at all we can, with Exhausto, provide a solution in the vast majority of cases.

So what do Exhausto offer? Below you will find details


Chimney Fan Systems for Fireplaces

We offer chimney draught solutions for gas fireplaces as well as wood-burning fireplaces and stoves.

For gas fireplaces EXHAUSTO offers the only system on the market that has an approved fail-safe function, ensuring that your family is not placed at unnecessary risk when using an open gas fire. Regardless of whether your family wishes to secure an existing gas fire or install a new fail-safe gas fire. An EXHAUSTO chimney fan system also gives your family the freedom to choose a gas fire based on your own wishes, rather than the limitations imposed by the building’s design and construction. Can even be used without a chimney.

For woodburning stoves and fireplaces an EXHAUSTO system solution will provide you with the necessary chimney draught right from the beginning and thereby the lighting of the fire is made easier. Smoke and ash will be pulled out of the living room in the best possible way and at the same time you will get a far better fuel efficiency.


There are several chimney fan models to choose from:

Round model (RS, RHG & RSHG): Round chimney fan in a design that blends into the majority of surroundings. The chimney fan is mounted on top of the chimney. This is typically done using brackets, which are attached to the bottom of the chimney fan. The RHG and RSHG are specially designed to work with heating appliances burning gas.

Square model (RSV): Square chimney fan designed to discharge smoke straight up into the air. This can be an advantage for light coloured and thatched roofs, or in surroundings where there are a lot of trees or similar in close proximity.

Square model (RSVG): The RSVG fans are specially designed to work with heating appliances burning gas. They are normally installed on a chimney, but can also be installed on the external wall, which eliminates the need for a chimney. The RSVG fans have a built in fail-safe system that will ensure that the gas supply is cut-off in cases of insufficient draft.

Wall mounted model for gas (RSG): This type of chimney fan is installed on the external wall and thereby enables a gas appliance to be installed in a room with no chimney. The power of the fan will allow for long horizontal flues up to 15 m! The RSG fan has a built in fail-safe system that will ensure that the gas supply is cut-off in cases of insufficient draft.


EXHAUSTO CDT is the market leader in the field of mechanical chimney draught. Over the years, we have built up a pool of expertise and know-how that enables us to deal with a wide range of assignments in this specialist area. The distinguishing features of all our solutions are efficiency, durability and financial viability. At the same time, they benefit both people and the environment

.EXHAUSTO CDT’s mechanical chimney draught solutions are based on advanced technology centred on safe, secure and simple functionality. This ensures that you receive a well-functioning and reliable chimney draught solution.

Our product range can solve any type of chimney draught problem and the chimney fans offer capacities which will cover any heating appliance from small domestic fireplaces in private homes to larger commercial/ industrial boiler installations.

The solutions span the full range from manual regulation to fully automated controls with integrated safety functions. System solutions for gas appliances have a built-in failsafe operation developed to meet international standards.